Don’t tell them


Please don’t embarrass me,
By gossiping to my friends,
What happened yesterday,
When I was helping you,
Weed your flower garden.

Please don’t tell my friends,
That my jembe,
Is too blunt,
And that it has a dwarf handle,
Please don’t tell them,
That no matter how,
You cheered me,
I could not dig,
As deeper as you wanted.

Don’t tell them,
How fast the rains came down,
Forcing us to rest,
Let no one know,
How the rains disrupted us,
In short intervals,
Denying you,
The thrill of farm work!
It was not my fault.

Don’t tell them,
That I tore the gloves,
In my futile attempt,
To show my prowess,
In garden work!
Please let no one know,
That I threw some seed,
Outside the hole,
You had neatly dug!

Don’t tell my friends,
That I only know,
One method of farming,
It will be a big embarrassment!

If you’ve already,
Made up your mind,
To embarrass me,
Make sure you also tell them,
That your flower garden,
No matter how beautiful,
It looks from far,
Is in a water logged area,
A swamp to be precise.

*Mawendo the poet*
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Happiness is fleeting,wrap it like a Firefly
So don’t let it go
But as I try to mimic other people’s love I fail
But now am trippin’
And to love or not to seems to be
The intriguing question for now
Coz am done with people fussing
backbitters hating and me not trying
And now I have learned if you have to ask it means you want
So I don’t want to be on my knee to ask for your love
I want to say it standing so as you can promise to stand by me
I don’t want to let go of my smiling stick in my mouth because I want to stick with you through thick and thin
So lady give me a chance
A chance to touch you with my mind
Touch you and touch and touch until you give
Give me a smile shyly obscene…

Mawendo the poet


Eyes briefly meeting
Hands sliding down my back.
My heart is pulsing rapidly
This is my angle of attack.
Lips touching abrasively
Bodies demanding passion.

Words whispered of desire
And meaningful compassion.
With our legs intertwining
I get a feeling from within.

That feeling is gratifying
and almost full of sin.
With us there’s is no limits
Nor secrets to unveil.
Every word you whisper
Is erotic with detail.
With our fantasies recited
And our wishes slowly granted.

I soon begin to realize
It’s my name you’ve softly chanted.
A rhythm in the setting
Of music softly playing.
Its tone is precisely amorous
With the lust you are displaying.

Delightfully I tell you
Of the wishes I want fulfilled.
As I begin to lose focus
My conscience tends to rebuild.
As you aggressively twirl my hair
My body begins to shake.
This is when I realize
This encounter is no mistake.

My breathing heavily increases,
As your goal is now in sight.
I arch my back and moan
In awe of this memorable night.

Let it happen again again,
i can’t get enough of it,
Sweeter that honey of the bee,
you’re more than fine wine,
Baby,lets make love tonight,
it is just the two of us!!❤

Girlfriend favourite poet

#mawendo the poet


  • I remember

Sometimes age is a terible thing
Because of the things you have seen
And the experiencess it brought with it
For instance
I remember the days of my life
Days of my youth
Days of my sunI remember them vividlySome stages here I recall
The things we did
The wild things I did
Some things I am proud of
Others I cant even tell
Leave alone to rememberI remember
The times we could eat
And eat
Until our stomach could take no more
And food could run for their deer life
Afraid of meeting our teeth againThe days we laughed
Soo hard and loud
Without care or caution
That our ribs broke
And our full set of teeth fully paraded
Throwing all caution on airI think of those days we would cry
Busy shedding innocent tears
All for attention
After a scratch
Our little eyes
Would bulge and swell
And our little lakes would dry
But our voice would keep going
Never ready to give upI bring alive those days
Those awesome moments
Play used reign in our thoughts
The only thing we could do all day
Even after the fathers daily switch
And the mothers medicine
Nothing could stop us
The childhood spirit soo alive
Radiating energy that is soo aliveThe days we stole food
And run for our lives
While busy chewing
Leaving behind a colourful trail of dust
And laughter loud like thunder
We were mighty
Like the warriors
Warriors best defined by our running prowessAs I remember my days
As I reminisce over them
I am proud of my years
I am pleased with my life
The way I lived my life
Everything has been a bliss
Though every sky must bear rain
And I grew from my rain©Poet the MAWENDO


Hii si kawaida yangu,
Mimi si mtu wa mafeelings hazina macho wala miguu,
Lakini leo ukweli usemwe umeniweza,
Sasa wacha tu niembrace hii difference nitoke zone nimezoea.

Fikira inayojaza moyo na akili,
Furaha inayonipatia amani na usingizi,
Hii piece ni yako,
Kila word na mistari.

Nimekuwa nikiandika usiku na mchana vile nafeel,
Nikijaribu kublend emotions na ink,
Lakini wapi?
Sijui kama ni urembo wako,
Au ni upendo wako?
Ama ni vile tu uko…
But kila time nikikuspot,
Zile mistari zote nakuanga nimesave ati ni za kukuingiza box,
Hunirudia kijeshi zikinishow wewe si kiberiti,
So nitafute place more comfortable, more befitting,
Lakini Wapi?

Najua unanilike, from the first day tulionana,
Zile macho ulikuwa unanipea zilispill kila kitu ulikuwa unataka kusema,
Lakini sasa sikudhani niko worthy,
Kupewa upendo na msee ka wewe so Holy,
Ju mi najulikana sana story ya madhambi,
Nakushow nimejaa tu na mikosi,
Sa nilitry my best kuhepa radar yako,
Kutafuta excuse za kukupea na mavako,
Lakini wapi?

Si kuraruliwa nyama ka karatasi,
Si kutolewa damu kama mfereji,
Si kuvunjwa mishipa na mifupa kama rules za boarding,
Na finally kudeadi ju yangu msalabani,
Mi nakushow ni upendo ingine apo sijaicheki,
Nilitry kuchezea kando,
Kuiavoid at all costs,
Lakini wapi?

Ulinipata na ukanikamata,
Na ukanimaliza kwa kunikumbata,
Sasa round hii ni mimi siachi kukufikiria,
Unanikula kichwa kama chawa za mrasta,
Mrasta wa Lodwar mwenye maji kwake ni tafash.
Umenichizisha kama prefect wa mathare,
Ukanichanganya ka takataka za giotoo,
Umenipeleka mbio kama roho ya gondi,
Ambaye amespot wallet anaeza sweep easily without being seen.

You are that wallet,
Ni a do or die situation,
Nikupende ama nikupende,
Hii story haina otherwise,
Kipenzi cha roho yangu,
Fikira inayojaza akili yangu,
Mwokozi wa moyo wangu,
Nilikuwa nataka tu kukushow nakupenda pia,
Na vile tu ulinideadia namimi maisha yangu yote nakupatia,
Akili, mwili na roho,
Package nzima bila finyo.

@swag ya mawendo
MAWENDO the poet

Unperfect circle


it’s hard to make a circle that’s perfect

Such a simple looking shape, but a quite unattainable prospect

You only see such perfect appearances on paper, book, or magazine

But in reality, drawing one is just absurd fantasy


i wonder why i still try to make a circle anymore

There exist triangles, squares, stars galore!

More bearable to make, more honestly expressible

Why can’t another shape be acceptable?


Or how we can’t reflect on something other than a figure

How all our focus is on how round one is, especially on picture

How beauty is defined in strict, perfect guidelines,

How imperfection is judged cruelly every time


God is said to have made a perfect Earth

A magnificent three-dimensional circle of worth

Though what i create, tis’ a disfigured shape, without sanguinity

A disgrace to standards of divinity


People will feel if the circle is complete in a look

They will know the bends or crooks

i will listen to what they say

Yet how much will i bear to stay?


For there comes a time when enough is enough

That judgment dictates reaching the impossible is rough

That it cannot erase the imperfect to any degree

Rather it defines what is ugly, but to me:


A circle does not have to be published on paper

A circle does not want criticism or an abrader

A circle does not strive for perfection

A circle does need love and affection


A circle is allowed to be fat, for it has pi

A circle should try, but not feel it must die

A circle should nor feel gloomy and square

A circle should have its area full of loving care


A circle is my creation, day and night

No matter what, warts and all, it’s my delight

For embracing the imperfect yet universal

I’ll know how to draw a circle

I miss you bad

I miss you so bad
Your all that i had
I feel so sad
Its almost been a week since we last talked
And i’m still shocked
I feel so locked without you
I don’t know what to do
As the days go by i go more insane
Your smile is fading
And i am breaking
My nerves are shaking
I cant keep taking there bullshit
They put me through
That’s why i need you
You keep me sain
You take the pain away
That’s why i cant wait
Till the day we talk again
I miss you boyfriend
Its weird but lately everything reminds me of you
I haven’t stopped thinking
Your on my mind all the time
I’m sitting in my closet
I think i’ve finally lost it
I’m depressed
I’m far from my best
I haven’t been able to rest
My temper is high
I try to keep calm
Because i know that’s what you’d want me to do
But its getting harder to do what you want
I argue more with them
Since you and i haven’t spoken
I’m really broken without you
Its impossible to go on
For this long without hearing your voice
That sweet noise
The things you tell me
I cant be myself with anybody else
They say it will only be a day more
But i cant be sure
I don’t want to get my hopes high
When i know what there telling me could be a lie
I try to hold on
But i’m really not that strong
I close my eyes
And see the only thing that keeps me going
Its showing me your face your smile
It takes me a while
Before i open them again
Because then i know i’m back to all this
I only have one wish
Why cant it be granted
Even if we could just talk for 5 minutes
I would feel better
I miss us talking in the middle of the night together
I wish that could last forever
I miss you so bad
I swear your all that i really had!…….

Mawendo the poet


Everytime I fail to send you a text
I write a poem
You said texting makes us vulnerable and fake
You could be crying your eyes out
And no one can ever know
The last time I sent a text
To somebody I told them
How I like the color blue
Not because it is gloomy
But how it matches the color of
Your eyes
They laughed at my naive love
And I laughed at his lack of romance
The last time I met a lady
In the bar she asked me
What I was doing there?
Whatever everyone else is doing
Was my instant reply
She laughed and told me
I’m lost.well who isn’t ?
Aren’t you?where else on a Friday night will someone gulp down the vodka shots.
As mineral water
She asked me if she could buy me a drink
And I said of course ,only if she could handle the intimacy
I had to offer
No sharing of rooms but
Sharing of the night sky
On a terrace of the club
Stuck between the busy streets
Of the city.She laughed again
‘you look like you had a breakup’
‘i did.Not today.along time back’
‘Still not over it then?’
‘i was never in it, why do you ask?’
‘because you look sad’
‘i am sad not particularly for any reason’
‘is it alright?’
‘being sad is alright’
We spent whole night drinking
And saying things we wouldn’t have
Said sober.and next morning
I left her on the terrace all by herself
Yet another stranger who knows me
But doesn’t know me at all
Everyone has being a stranger after you
Because I refuse to make you a stranger.
I still have your text saved
In my head like an old record
I keep getting drowned in it
Because it makes me feel closer to me
Much more closer than you ever were
I want to write you a text, that I know
I shouldn’t and so I don’t
But everytime I fail to write you a text
I write a poem
The same poem you wrote to me
When I said I live for poetry
And MAWENDO is art
What a tragedy
The poem made to feel
Me alive is now
Taking away my breathe
Time Mawendo the poet


Angel Eyes because they resemble the deep blue skies.

The kind the Angels play in, bouncing from cloud to cloud.

So pure.

So beautiful.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

And if that is true, you are exposed.

Exposed because I’ve looked deep into those eyes.

Deep to where you’ve been the most vulnerable.

In that moment, you spoke of everything.

Spoke about your life before me.

About your dreams and ambitions.

Every time I look into those Angel Eyes I fall for you.

I fall.

Over and over.

The worst part is I’ve tried countless times to let you go.

But no matter how hard I try.

Those piercing blue eyes always draw me back.

YOUR piercing blue eyes always draw me back.

They capture my attention.

Capture my gaze.

Capture my soul.

The memory of you is something I will never be able to let go.

But I can let you go.

All I need is to stop looking into those:

Angel Eyes.

I ain’t worthy

Why do I clutch my grimy ribbons

While You’re offering me a ballgown of silk.

I cling to the empty cup You’re longing to fill

If I would just allow my walls to fall.

Why is it so hard, after all of this,

To trust You with my life, to surrender?

To let You onto the set as the director, instead of an extra?

The answer is that I am weak.

I forget the way You’ve led in past,

Unstead, I get upset when Your way’s different than I expected or asked,

I get frustrated when a door slams in my face,

Keep chasing what I wanted in the first place

Pounding at the lock instead of looking up to see the window.

I forget that Your scarred hands also held the stars

Before You scattered them across the velvet sky,

You’re the one who made their silver light,

You’re the only source of true joy and light

On this lonely planet

And I take it for granted that You’ve already given me everything

Paid the highest ransom price

Because it all came down to You vs. sin, and I was the prize,

You traded Your life for mine,

The brightest star for my jaded, estranged heart.

I don’t deserve Your grace,

I’m not worthy of the place you’ve reserved for me.

Remind me of Your consistency, when I forget,

When I doubt You’ll catch me, carry me,

Remind me of the tiny place I occupy in history,

and how You love me, despite.